A Ghost Blogger Can Be Your Voice

ghost blogger can help

A ghost blogger can give your business a new voice- a voice that will help you with new customers, increased engagement, and increased value for your customers. 

If you’ve ever spent anything on an online business, you’d know why it’s important to have a blog. To put simply, it enables you to connect with the audience/potential customers in a more conventional way. You can talk to them directly, engage them through comments, and ultimately direct them towards your money site.

However, it’s quite challenging to keep your blog regularly updated with interesting and engaging content. At times, it may take hours to find out something interesting to write. On other occasions, it may just not be your primary skill to write compelling content. That’s when a ghost blogger comes in to the play- you hire someone else to do all the research, come up with interesting topics, and finally write them for you.

Usually, it’s not easy to work with a ghost blogger, the reason you often see people discouraging to hire a ghost blogger. However, if you are really looking for value for your money, you should find someone who is familiar with your niche. That’s the first thing but not the last by any means. I’ve discussed in detail how to find a ghost blogger before. Since the point I want to bring to highlight is why a ghost blogger is important for your blog, I won’t be wasting any time saying same things again that I’ve already talked about in the other blog.


I suggest that you start with an interview. Don’t just rely on text chat but go for an interview in person. If your preferred ghost blogger is located remotely, which will be the case most of the times, you should arrange a video meeting to ensure that you’re talking to the person who will be writing for you. Talk to him/her about what you want and how you want your audience to digest the information. You should also discuss details about the possible outcome of blog posts. This way, your ghost blogger will have a better idea about audience and the target market.

I also suggest that you talk to your ghost blogger once every month. If you can pre-schedule such meetings, it will help your ghost blogger prepare for it- eventually helping you to get the message across in less time.

When it comes to the frequency of posts, most people want to have the content as soon as possible. Sometimes, they want to have it all with them for the next couple of months. However, this approach has many pitfalls. The content will be outdated by the time you post it and the blogger will be rushing the job to move on to the next one. The best way to keep the quality posts coming is to keep it to four posts a month. This way, you’ll always have time for a meeting with your ghost blogger and the blogger will have time to do research.

Finally, you should always consider paying good money to your ghost blogger. If you can’t pay good money then don’t expect quality work. Since the ghost blogger will only be writing four posts a month for you, he or she would be expecting to get enough money to pay off bills, at least. The most recent one I worked with was about herbal medicine and its benefits. It was quite interesting for me being the first time I had to write about such topic, I had to visit here for herbs and learn abut other related niches in order to get enough knowledge to create a blog about it.

Since it is a natural health solution it is much safer than conventional medicine, and usually comes side-effect free, which conventional medicine can not often say in its defense. It was avery informative and eye-opening post. If you would like to check it out for yourself you can

If you’re already working with a ghost blogger, try using these little tricks to see how it changes the entire relationship and ultimately the quality of content. But if you’re still without a ghost blogger, I recommend you take a look at my portfolio on Upwork.

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